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    This past weekend I was in a funk. I had gotten into a conversation with a person I just met and they made a comment that just bothered me. Usually, I do a mental eye roll and maybe throw in an “oh, really?” when someone says something absolutely ridiculous. But, this time I wasn’t able to brush it off so easily.

    I spent the weekend questioning myself and moping. Asking my husband dumb questions about my life’s purpose. It was pretty dramatic.

    It got me thinking though about the people you need in your life. I have one friend that I talk to pretty much daily. I would have called her exclaiming “Guess what blobby blob said to me today!” But, she was visiting her aunt in another state and I didn’t want to bore her to death with my over analyzing. So, in addition to talking to my husband, I talked to my mom. When I hung up, I felt better. I shook that shit off and got back to the business of being awesome.

    I started thinking of all the people in my life and the ways we help and rely on each other.  These are the people that lift you up when you’re feeling down, kick your butt into action when you need to get busy, listen when you need to vent and make you laugh when it is sometimes hard. Some of these people are friends, some are family and a few of them have many these wonderful characteristics bundled into their lovely being. I am blessed to have them in my life and I hope that I hold one of these spots in their life too.


    The Cheerleader

    The cheerleader is the person in your life who thinks you are amazing. They cheer you on and believe in everything you do. When you mess up, they don’t even bat an eye. They keep you focused on how to push through, and are always on your side. When you are moping around they nudge you back to your happy place with kind, loving, inspiring words.

    The Pusher

    For me, a pusher is someone who leads you to be a better person. A pusher is someone who pushes you to be the best you can be. They are a cheerleader but not so warm and fuzzy. They make you question life, your choices, your direction. The push you to see the potential you have and expect you to live up to the high standards that you set for yourself. The pusher holds you accountable and doesn’t sit quietly when you goof up.

    The loyal confidant.

    Did you steal the cookie from the cookie jar? Well if you did, confess only to your loyal confidant. This is the person who loves you and will always be there to hear what’s on your mind; the good, bad and ugly. Having someone in your life that you know you can go talk with and won’t judge or share your conversation is a must. The loyal confidant not only listens but knows that any slip-ups you have don’t define you. You can call them in the middle of the night and they will listen.

    The Energizer

    Energizers are those people who have an infectious zest for life. Not only are they optimistic but they encourage you to dream big. Energizers leave you laughing, inspired and filled with amazing positive energy. The energizer in your life will scoop you up and make you laugh when times are rough, reminding you stay motivated when you want to give up. They will be your sidekick on a new adventure encouraging you to imagine all the wonderful possibilities coming your way.

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    The Mentor

    A mentor is someone who has already done what you are trying to do and is successful. They can guide you down the path letting you know what has worked and failed for them, helping you avoid any mistakes that might slow you down. This person is a reminder that you too can do amazing things. A mentor might be a teacher, parent, or older acquaintance. I truly believe you can find mentors through books. If you don’t feel like you have someone in your life to be your mentor seek out books from successful people you admire and read their story. Be inspired by their journey and use what you learned from them to get busy creating your own story. Continue reading