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Best Sheet Masks for flawless skin

best sheet masks for flawless skin

Sheet masks are one of my favorite skin care products, every time I start talking to someone about skin care, I always bring up how awesome sheet masks are. Sheet masks are my go to for lazy Sunday days when I want to indulge in some self-care. I started using sheet masks a couple of years ago because I started noticing all these Korean skincare products being talked about in beauty magazines. Apparently, Koreans not only have amazing, flawless skin, but also a 10-step beauty routine which includes sheet masks. I don’t think I could stick to doing ten steps of anything to my face twice a day but, I can totally slap on a sheet mask, cue up Netflix and chill!

My favorite thing about sheet masks is they are sooooo easy. You put one on your face for 20 minutes and when the time is up, you toss the mask and rub any excess into your skin. Sheet masks are great they are soaked in antioxidant-rich serum and they force your skin into absorbing the product before it evaporates. Here are my picks for the best sheet masks for flawless skin!!

Sheet masks are available for any skin concern and many brands sell them in packs so you can use one as a weekly treatment. One of the best places to shop for sheet masks is at TJMaxx, Amazon or  Marshalls. I have found some great 5 packs from Bio Republic, Fango, and a wonderful Egg Cream mask for less than $10 a box. If you are looking to try one I suggest checking one of those spots before investing in a single pack at a department store. Be sure to experiment with some of the Korean ones if you spot some. I have had wonderful experiences with all that I have tried and have a little collection of some favorites.

I have gathered some of my favorites let me know what you think and leave a comment down below if there is one that I need to try!!!



  1. TonyMoly Brightening Lemon Face Mask
  2. Master Lab Sheet Mask Hyaluronic Acid
  3. Peach and Lily Reset Button Soothe and Restore
  4. Flora-py Chamomile Patchouli
  5. Egg Cream Mask
  6. Origins Flower Fusion
  7. Peach and Lily Lift and Plump
  8. Borghese Fango Purifying Mask
  9. Bio Republic Cucumber Soothing Mask


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