Favorite fruit waters for your next get together!

lemon and cucumber fruit water

Drinking more water is something I am always trying to work on. For me, I personally find plain water boring so drinking eight glasses of plain ‘ol water doesn’t usually happen. I much prefer to add a little pizzaz by throwing in some fresh fruit or herbs! My friend Alicea and I have gathered our four favorite combinations and we hope your taste buds enjoy!! Make sure you let the fruit sit in the water refrigerated for 4-6 hours!Lemon and cucumber is my favorite! I could drink this everyday. It is super refreshing and the lemons are packed with vitamin C. The cucumbers have a pretty mild taste and pair well with the more sweet and tangy lemon.
pineapple blueberry waterThis water not only looks pretty but it is super sweet. The blueberries and pineapple are both high in antioxidants which makes this not only a delicious beverage but also a good immunity boosting drink. If you prefer your water ice cold, freeze the pineapple before tossing it in! 
strawberry basil waterStrawberries are one of my favorite fruit, I can eat pint after pint! I love the way these two look in the glass, very fancy! This is a good infused water to serve to guests at your next outdoor picnic! Basil is an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial too! Make sure you gently muddle the basil leaves to release their essential oils.watermelon kiwi fruit waterOk, I have to admit…this one does not taste like kiwi. Trust me, I let this water sit for six hours and I only tasted watermelon. But, It still looks pretty!! The watermelon flavor is awesome and super refreshing. I left the rind on but, I will prob take it off next time.

fruit infused waterYou can also freeze the fruit in an ice tray if you prefer super chilled water.

fruit infused water

If you are having a dinner party or just want to add even more oomph add your favorite sparkling water!!

ok fine….. I made Alicea pose for this! The truth is we tried to do a selfie with both of us enjoying the water but, it was ….no bueno. BUT, doesn’t she look super refreshed!?!? 

Let me know what your favorite infused water combos are, and be sure to follow Alicea on Instagram! 



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