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I am a huge goal maker. I make weekly goals, monthly goals, and to do lists daily. I feel like having goals helps me stay focused, motivated and inspired. Working towards a goal is my happy place, no matter all the other responsibilities I have going on, all the adulting I have to do, knowing I have “X” goals for me, gets me stoked for my day!!

When you set goals you are in control of your life you are not just going through the motions and reacting to the events of the day.

There are a million resources that help you learn the basics of writing goals. This blog post will briefly touch on those tips but mostly what I want to share with you is what I feel are the first and most important steps to take when writing out your goals. These tips are what help me and I hope they help you too!

Why do you want it?

Before you write down your goals you really must determine your “why”.  I suggest writing down around 10-15 reasons why you want to reach this goal. The more reasons you have, the more motivated you will be! Even if your answers to the first few “Whys” are superficial, keep writing. Eventually, you will run out of the light whys and start getting really into the soul of why you want it. Reach for those big whys. Dig deep.

Determine your starting point.

Anytime I am writing a goal, I always look at where I am now. When you know exactly what you are starting with you will be able to measure your progress and write out a detailed and specific plan of action to take to start reaching your goals. Determining your starting point will help you avoid setting goals that are self-defeating and unattainable. If I woke up tomorrow and set the goal that I wanted to make 20k this next month blogging I would fail miserably, I don’t care how much I visualized and believed it was possible. My starting point will tell me that I need to set a less grandiose goal.

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Seek out knowledge and information

Most goals especially the big ones, require you to change your habits because you will be working toward something that you have never done before.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

I truly believe that to reach your goals you need to start by seeking out information and gaining knowledge to gain new skills, and techniques and then implementing them into your daily life. Read books, listen to podcasts, seek out classes or ask people you know who have the skills you desire for some tips!

Believe in yourself and create balanced goals

You must believe in yourself. Who cares if you have emotional vampires telling you different. Let go of all self-limiting beliefs you have! You need to believe you can reach your goals! Take a moment to reflect on how your own thinking and actions have created your reality. If you feel stuck figure out why and think about the things you can change to ensure your goals are balanced with what you value as important. Think about the things that are holding you back- is it your thoughts or other obstacles?

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Work, work, work.

You have to work towards your goal daily. Make sure you have clearly written specific goals with a realistic target date and start getting busy! Don’t wait till tomorrow, don’t start at the Beginning of the week or month, do something now! Once you make the decision to get started, you must take action, even if it is something small.

Don’t let your moment of inspiration slip away.

Write your goal in detail and then break it down into smaller goals and tasks that you can do daily and measure weekly.  Use a to-do list to write down the steps you will be taking that day to work towards your goal. Do something every day even if it is little. I am a huge fan of baby steps, little steps taken daily make a huge difference at the end of the week.

Don’t get discouraged, keep going!

When you run into obstacles you have to remain strong, disciplined and focused. Don’t make excuses and give up. Shake it off and keep crushing it. You are going to have setbacks, and flops!  This is where having your goal written down is so helpful, read your goal every day and every night. Assess the progress you made and obstacles you faced. If you completely failed that day, write down why and get busy the next day, resolve to stay focused. Go back to your list of whys and remind yourself how bad you want it.

Outline for setting goals.

  1. Create a specific goal that you can visualize.
  2. Write your goal down.
  3. Create a target date
  4. Write down your WHYS
  5. Determine your starting point
  6. Seek out knowledge and information
  7. Believe in yourself
  8. Work for it!

How to use the worksheet.

I designed a worksheet for you to use to help you get started in crushing your goals. Follow the prompts and really be honest when answering the questions. I suggest you use the to-do list daily that way you make sure you are creating your day with your goal in mind.goal tracking printable worksheet pdf. Create smart goals workbook. ETSY

Be sure and plan your day around taking steps to work towards your goal. List the 3 most important things you can do daily to inch closer to your goal then list your daily responsibilities. Be sure to reflect on not only your obstacles but on your successes-no matter how tiny.

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Embrace all the wonderful things that are happening, this will help you continue to stay pumped and focused!!! I am offering this printable in my resource library, be sure to subscribe and a password will be sent to you! If you would rather not subscribe you can always get this awesome printable and others in my Etsy shop!!!

 What have you found helpful in setting and reaching goals? What do you do when you run into obstacles or challenges when moving towards your goals? Let me know in the comment section!!!





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