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Best free online classes for creatives

I love Creative Live! I first stumbled upon Creative live in 2012, I was really looking for ways to improve my portrait photography and was thrilled to see how many classes they offered. Thanks to Creative Live I have taught myself some basic Photoshop (hey, its a complex program!) Adobe Lightroom, SEO marketing for small business, Body language, Negotiation skills, Portrait photography, Network marketing, and so much more. I’m kind of obsessed with the site! If you aren’t familiar with Creative Live here are some tidbits of info and, how I have used it to gain some great information.

Free Classes

Creative live is offers online classes for free in practically every topic imaginable. Photography, goal setting, business, marketing classes, filmmaking, Etsy selling, money management….and tons more. The classes are free while on air and you have the option to buy the classes to keep forever.  When you go to the website there is a link for upcoming classes, you then register for the classes you are interested in and an email reminder is sent to you the day before reminding you to tune in.

I don’t have all day to sit in front of my computer watching a class!!!

Yea, me either. The awesome thing about Creative Live that I have found is, they rebroadcast classes at night and on the weekends. Unfortunately, I don’t have oodles of money to spend on classes, and while Creative Live offers great deals and sales, there are SOOOO many awesome courses I want to take and it’s just outside my budget to purchase them all. The prices for the classes are anywhere from $39 -$99. Many of the classes offer special resources like workbooks and PDF’s. And once you buy a class you own it forever, you just log in anytime and can watch.

What I do to get the most info I can.

Plug in whenever possible. If you have an IPad or a smart phone these are really easy ways to listen in to the classes. If I am doing the dishes or making dinner, I usually have earplugs in an am connected to a class. While I can’t see the instructor, I listen and jot down any pertinent information to look up later.  At night is another great time to tune in since a lot of classes are re broadcast. What I do and suggest that you do to get the most out of the course is take lots of screenshots. I’m not sure if Creative Live would love me telling you that but, that is honestly what I do. A lot of the instructors use white boards when teaching the classes and I screen shot pretty much anything that I feel is significant and go back later to read and research further.

Creative Live has some of the top leaders in the industry teaching classes. These are people sharing their “secrets” telling you what they do and the mistakes they have made so you don’t have to. This infomation is priceless. I have learned a lot from watching these classes, stuff that I honestly never thought I would use regarding the law, IRS, body language, etc. Here is a list of some of the classes that have helped me!

How to turn your Etsy shop into a sales machine.   

This class was awesome. I first set up an Etsy shop in 2015 for photography and it sat there for over a year doing nothing. I literally set a bunch of stuff up and thought people would just start buying. Didn’t happen. After watching this class, and implementing what it taught me about SEO and creating an attractive shop I was selling monthly and getting a ton more traffic daily. I got busy with my kiddos so, I put the shop on vacation mode for a year but, I recently opened it back up with some new products! Let me know what you think!!

Pinterest Marketing. I took an awesome class on Pinterest for business while I couldn’t purchase the class, I listened carefully. I went from having 12 followers, made up of a few friends, my mom and sister and I grew to 70 followers and over 60k monthly views. This may not sound like a lot for some people but for me this was awesome. I didn’t use tailwind, or group boards I  just went through and applied some techniques I learned! Pretty cool!

Another one that I recently loved was How to Break the Habit of Self Doubt and build Real Confidence.

To be honest, I was never really a huge Mel Robbins fan but, she has a lot of great info!! But, I think the best part of this class was hearing the class students sharing some of what they were struggling with. It was relatable and I left the class feeling inspired and more confident.

I could go on and on because I have plugged into and purchased around 20+ classes but, you just need to check it out for yourself. It truly is amazing!

Creative live. best online classes for creatives

Let me know what some of your favorite classes are or if you have any other online resources you go to for learning!!!





*This post contains affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you purchase one of the online classes. This doesn’t change the cost to you, it is the same price whether you buy using an above link or go directly there on your own. I have been using Creative Live since 2012 and love it, also, everything I talk about on my blog I truly feel passionate about or use myself.* Thanks!!!

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