Mounts Botanical Plant Sale

Mounts Botanical Garden  in West Palm Beach is one of my absolute favorite places!! It is a beautiful garden tucked away in a very inconspicuous part of town. It’s actually right next to the airport off a very busy road! I know, it doesn’t sound lovely but, trust me, it IS!


Mounts has several plant sales throughout the year and this is primarily where our family gets the palms and orchids for our home. One thing I should mention is that since it is right next to the airport, the planes fly pretty low. This used to terrify my oldest son when he was younger, he would come screaming and grab onto my legs. But, after about 15 minutes he got used to them.

I couldn’t get too many photos of the garden today since it was packed with shoppers. But, some of my favorite parts of the garden are the butterfly garden, which has tons of monarchs flying from flower to flower, the children’s maze, and the vegetable garden which has bananas, pomegranates, kale, pineapple, and other yummy stuff growing! The garden is packed with different nooks and there is always something beautiful blooming.

The garden is open 7 days a week with a suggested donation of $5. This is a perfect spot to take the kids and have a family picnic in the gazebo or just walk around and enjoy the scenery. There is also a large pond with koi fish and turtles, my kids love watching all the turtles bobbing in and out of the water!

If you choose to go to one of the plant sales Mounts has you must stop by John’s jungle baskets! He sells fair trade handmade African baskets that are gorgeous! I have two and I LOVE them!! Also, check out Quest Orchids, she has the most beautiful orchids!

Seriously, how cute are these baskets?? I love the patterns and bright colors! Also, if the shape gets messed up you simply wet them and reshape them. Viola! Good as new!

One thing you definitely should pack is sunscreen and insect repellent. In the shady spots the mosquitos are viscous!

I have to give mega props to my son, he took all the photos of me today for this post. He even let me photograph him which is something he hates these days! He was a tad upset because I didn’t buy him his own basket so, he carried mine the entire time!

Let me know if you have been to the garden and your favorite spots! Another one I love is Fairchild down in Miami if you are looking for another good spot!



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