The MAC Spa

We are thrilled to announce that our spa is now open! Our highly experienced and talented massage therapist, Deanna Leclerc, is now open for booking. Her initial offerings include 30 min, 60 min and 90 min massages.

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Please call the front desk to book an appointment 978-526-8900.

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person having hot stones placed during massage session

New! Hot Stone Massage

Our Massage Therapist, Deanna Leclerc, has added hot stone massage to her offerings! Clients have the option of either hot stone or salt stone for an additional $10/30 minutes, $20/60 minutes, and $25/90 minutes.

meredith working with a thai bodywork client

Thai Bodywork with Meredith Kortekamp

Thai Bodywork uses hands-on acupressure with assisted stretching and muscle manipulation to improve circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, soothe tight muscles, and increase relaxation. This modality is incredible for maintaining muscle flexibility, range of motion and reducing injury.

The compressions also help flush debris through the cellular system. Unlike traditional western massage this modality is done fully clothed on a Thai mat. Thai bodywork utilizes tools such as feet, knees, legs and bodyweight to help facilitate more lasting changes in the muscles. The receiver is left feeling relaxed and restored.

meredith doing thai bodywork

What can Thai bodywork do for you?

Athletes: Thai bodywork uses deeper pressure along with passive stretching which covers all muscles having myofascial trigger points (MTrPs) and effectively breaks down any MTrPs adhesions.
Since this modality has been shown to increase blood supply, it allows muscles to get more oxygen from the blood and send sufficient nutrients to muscle tissue. This can help athletes improve muscular endurance, agility, strength, and increased sprint and shuttle run times.

Seniors: Thai bodywork is great for those suffering from rheumatism, arthritis, or other afflictions connected to aging. Sometimes referred to as “lazy man’s yoga”, it combines all of the benefits of yoga with bodywork.

General population: Thai bodywork is beneficial for anyone and everyone because it can relieve joint stiffness, increase flexibility/range of motion, ease anxiety and revive energy.

meredith cooney personal trainer

About Meredith Kortekamp

With her love for travel and food Meredith visited Chaing Mai Thailand, where she discovered Thai massage. This form of bodywork appealed to her because it was both energizing and relaxing, she knew it would be perfect for her clients. Meredith views health and well being in a holistic way, knowing that nutrition, fitness, and recovery are all equally vital aspects of a healthy body. Creating a fun and successful path to health is why she loves her job.

Not only does Meredith offer Thai bodywork here at the MAC, but she is also a group fitness instructor, personal trainer and nutrition consultant!