New Adult Training Program!

Surge Fitness


What is Surge Fitness?

Surge adult fitness strives to maximize your health, fitness, and wellness. Our program is modified for your training level and will help you move better, feel stronger, and stay active in the meaningful areas of your life.

two women doing sets of lunges
Two days per week, adult groups will be coached from start-to-finish through a warm-up and movement prep, corrective exercises, power and strength development and metabolic conditioning using appropriate progressions. Our 45 minute sessions keep in mind your busy schedules while addressing the longevity needs of each person.


Surge Fitness is a month-to-month progressive adult fitness program. This program is designed with longevity in mind so if you’re looking for consistency in your training then Surge is for you.

The program cost is $250/month (on average 9 sessions per month) with no make up days. If you are a first time participant and would like to join mid-month, the cost will be pro-rated.

TO REGISTER: Click here to email Director of Fitness, Sam Butts or call him directly at 978-526-8900 x 1008.


6:15am-7am with Director of Fitness and Sports Performance, Sam Butts.


4:15pm -5pm with High Performance Coach and Personal Trainer, Alex Chase.

Learn more about our coaches below

Spaces are limited, so please RSVP below as soon as possible to secure your spot!


Sam Butts MAC trainer

Sam Butts

Director of Sports Performance Training

Sam graduated from Thornton Academy (Saco, ME) and St. Joseph’s College (SJC) of Maine (Standish, ME) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science (2009-2013). A 4-year Varsity hockey player and Travis Roy award finalist, he moved on to be a 4-year starter and captain of the SJC baseball team. Sam has over a decade of measurable success in sport performance training, yoga, and extensive knowledge and practice in health, wellness, and nutrition. He completed an internship with the vaunted Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning program where he worked with athletes at all levels. The Boyle program is regarded as the best strength and conditioning program in the country.

Sam has developed a lifelong passion for movement, sports and performance training through his own experiences as an athlete. He aspires to build this same passion in every athlete he works with and, as a coach, he hopes to have the same positive impact on others that so many of his coaches had on him.

Sam believes in building the basics and takes pride in consistently doing the common things uncommonly well. He focuses on creating an athletic foundation to support injury prevention and increased performance in sport. Most importantly, he hopes to instill self-confidence and build high-character individuals who appreciate and love the process of striving to get better each day- physically, mentally, and in every other way- through taking ownership of their own journey.

Alex Chase MAC trainer

Alex Chase

Sports Performance Coach

Alex grew up in Biddeford, Maine with no shortage of physical activity. There, she played field hockey, basketball and softball and started lifting in the gym at a young age to keep up with the demand. Alex graduated from Curry College in Massachusetts in 2021 and played DIII softball which was evidently cut short by Covid. She graduated college with a degree in public health and wellness/biology while simultaneously getting her CPT through NASM her senior year.

“I found a passion through training individuals to be their strongest, most confident self. My first training job was at Impact Fitness in Maine where I coached 1-on-1 lifestyle clients for about 2 years until new opportunities brought me back to Massachusetts and I was accepted into the Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning summer internship.

This experience sparked my interest and desire to train athletes of all levels to prepare them to be the best in their field. I am so excited to be a part of MAC and get to know the community and bring a strong presence to the floor.”